HI! My name is Amy Company. Yes Company is my surname! I was born in Ibiza in 1985 and discovered my vocation at the age of 7 when I designed and build a house for my doll from  a wooden box, now those where design challenges and construction problems!

I studied art and designed kitchens while studying (which made me a real expert!) and eventually graduated with a degree in Interior design at the ESDIB in Palma de Mallorca

After working for a couple of years I realised that my little island was a little bit small for my big ambitions so I moved to London where I started my career again while continue dreaming to work for a big architectural firm

And one day my dream came true (not without the hard work) and got a job at Foster + Partners where I grew from an interior designer to a senior designer to then became an associate.

I learned about design an architecture from the best of each house and I had the chance to work in the most un-be-lie-va-ble projects one could ever imagine, One of them being The Murray Hotel which bough me all the way to Hong Kong to oversee its renovation !

After five years in Fosters I felt like I own it (with all my respects to Lord Norman Foster) Life was good and plain sailing but this bug inside of me was telling me that now it was time to become a entrepreneur!