Problem: You’ve just moved in, and your house is completely empty!

Solution: We offer advice and selection services on all your furniture and lighting needs. We also provide custom-designed mood boards, which suit your desired style and include our recommendations for textures and tones, all of which follow the latest trends.

ProblemYour house is furnished, but lacks the finishing touches to make it extra special.

Solution: We use carefully selected accessories and soft furnishings to create the perfect feel for your home based in your style, whether you’re looking for cozy and warm, or trend and stylish. Let us know what you like and we will make your place feel just perfect for you.

Problem: You want fresh start. You don’t like the space you live in at all – not one wall is placed correctly. Plus, the shape and size are all off!

Solution: Don’t panic we’ll study your needs provide a full design pack and advice on how to source samples and materials. We’ll also connect you with the best suppliers and contractors.