I am working in the furniture and styling for a presidential suite and this week I have been asked to look in to some really cool brands. I tought it will be fun to share my discoveries with you before I forget about it

I found 2 brans Seletti and pop-corn that I thought where really cool. They really go with my stile as they sell neon letters and some other very cool other home accessories that will really surprise your guest. Seletti has a super fun collection with Diesel I always like all the Diesel desings and I love there collaborations with foscarini.

Nevertheless I had to continue my research and ignore my love for crazy lamps with rat and monkey shape and focus in atemporal clasics for a more shic and serious look and found Lee brom accessories with I instantly fall in love with.

I looked at the brand lee broom that has an amazing collection of beautifull lighting. I’m loving this fluorescent tube engraving in the glass and brass details I will probably use it in some of my projects soon

Other piece that caught my attention isomer of their new designed furniture like the shadow catching cabinet so trendy in this days were we all like brushed so much!

this is the link to their products


just in case you want your house to look like a presidential!